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Global Recruitment Services

In today’s world, growing companies are facing serious challenges in finding the right talent. Hence, it is more important for companies to understand the opportunity of the global recruitment strategy can provide.

Galaxy Payroll is a powerful global network, connecting the most talented and experienced specialists, we enable companies to quickly identify and hire new talent in key locations globally through our platform and recruiting based on their unique requirements, including industry, location, prior roles, and more.

Now you can grow the global workforce within a short period of times, without setting up a legal entity in new countries. Galaxy Payroll makes recruitment seamless and no boundaries. Clients can enjoy the tailor-made recruitment services that facilitate business success in a dynamic environment.

Build Your Global Team

Anywhere Anytime

Hire Globally without Worrying

We partner with the leading payroll and employment agencies. We specialize in that process of finding and matching clients with candidate

Understand Your Needs

We understand your needs and provide qualified candidates form our global talent network. We have a pool of highly skilled candidates at our disposal.


No Stress about Compliance

We work with local HR experts and operate the hiring process for you. We help our clients hire employee in 100+countries and are 100% compliant with local laws.

Advantages of International Recruitment

  • Improved quality of hire
  • Better ability to source candidates with skills of the future
  • Hire employees abroad without setting up a local entity
  • Simplify the legal setup and get local support
  • Ensure compliance all over the world
  • Widen Your talent pool
  • Avoid the costly and inflexible entity setup process
  • International experience and insight.

What are the advantages of Galaxy’s Global Recruitment Services?

Galaxy Payroll is a leading recruitment partner and consultancy agency to many corporates around the world.

    1. Our team has decades of experience in delivering a seamless service.
    2. Regular on-site visits from our team, from start to finish.
    3. We have a sizeable database of skilled workers and roles.
    4. With connections across the country and a wealth of experience, Galaxy Payroll is the perfect partner for both clients and workers.

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