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One of the major aspects of the growth of an expanding or a new enterprise is how well they manage their employees and how they handle their payroll. This helps a company to build employees’ trust which in turn reflects in improved operations. Thus, managed payroll is an important aspect to be kept in check when starting a new business. Outsourcing the payroll process is a good option for a new company as it can focus on other things. Here’s how top companies in Macau are benefiting from outsourced payroll services.

The Employment & Labour Laws and Regulation in Macau commonly cover terms and conditions of employment, employee and industrial representation & relations, employee discrimination, maternity rights, working hours, income tax deduction, and many more such compliances in 51 jurisdictions. Top companies in Macau outsource their human resource and payroll operation to third-party experts like Galaxy Group which has the expertise and experience in handling these complicated laws and regulations in Macau with 100% compliance. We list below a few of the major advantages top companies are enjoying by outsourcing payroll in Macau.

Ensuring 100% Compliance – The most important aspect while expanding or starting a new business is following compliance related to local laws. Delayed or Non-compliance can often result in delayed permits or fine, which is not good for business both in terms of money and goodwill. Outsourced HR agencies are well versed in local labour laws and thus play a big part in ensuring compliance.

Channelling resources in the Right Direction – Once an outsource HR agency is hired for handling payroll it becomes one less thing to worry about for the owner or management. They can utilize their resource in the right direction to help the business grow and generate revenue.

Saving of Time and Efforts – An outsourced agency has a big network of employees with knowledge of demographics. Thus, they can put the right employee for the right job as required by the management without putting much effort. With an agency the process to get permits and licenses is smooth and quick as they generally have good liaising with the local authorities. Most of the local offices in Macau use local language and with a local agency, the communication barriers issue is resolved easily.

Taking care of bottom line – Cash flow is very important for a new business to run smoothly and with a payroll management company by your side a lot of money is saved which otherwise would have been spent to attain the latest software and pay AMCs, training the staff, etc. Payroll agencies use the best software and technology to maintain employee data and payroll data.

Safety and Security of Employee Data – The employee data both personal and professional that an employee provides in confidence can easily be lost or manipulated without proper safety. A good outsource agency like Galaxy Group offers high-end servers and one point of the contact system, which makes it easy to keep the employee data safe and secure and handy at the same time.

Easy Employee Relations and Grievance Handling – With payroll handed over to an expert company like Galaxy Group, it becomes easy for the agency to ensure salary disbursement on time, answer to the tricky benefits and remuneration related questions, handling leave requests and tracking related queries, and many other employee-related queries. Outsource agency can also be of very good assistance in case of any legal dispute with an employee or authority.

So like many of Macau’s top companies, if you are also considering to outsource your payroll and HR and concentrate more on your core business, discuss your requirements with Galaxy Group. We will guide you to ensure a seamless HR and payroll operation.