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Working Visa and Immigration Services

In the process of investing in Hong Kong, you may need to transfer some of your staff to Hong Kong.  However for them to be allowed to work here, they need to posses the relevant visas and immigration permits.


At Galaxy Group, we provide services that are meant to make your investing activities stress-free. We offer services that include: processing of the working visa, visa extension services, among others.


Under the category of the working visa, we help you process other documents that may include visa for dependents, visa for investors, training, and employment.  Will also assist our clients when it comes to reminding them when these documents need to be renewed and we take the burden of following up with the relevant authorities to ensure that you receive the best services.


For a detailed list of the services that we offer in this category, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to get the specific areas in which we can help you deal with a specific area. We know that your needs are not identical to those of another person.  For this reason we guarantee you tailor made solutions for you and you alone.