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Registration and management of trademarks is one of the most difficult challenges that can encounter any business that is international and wants to invest in China.  According to the laws in China, it is wrong to register the trademark of a well-known company in China.  The condition is that the trademark must be properly and easily identifiable in the Chinese market.  Now, if you are a company in America or the United Kingdom and your trademark is not well known in China, someone in China can register your trademark, build his or her brand and prevent you from making and inroads into China.


So, what is the solution?


We are.


Working with us to help you safeguard your trademark, which is one of your greatest assets, is one investment that you will never regret.  We will not only you help you to create an opportunity for future investments in China, but we will also ensure that by protecting your brand in China and thereby preventing someone from registering your trademark here, we are preventing a situation whereby someone may manufacture products that bear your trademark and export them to markets that have weak trademark laws.


Registering a trademark in China may cost you about $1,250.00.  This amount they seem substantial especially if you don’t see the immediate need of getting into the Chinese market.  However, by the time someone prevents you from selling your products into the lucrative Chinese market, thereby sending you into a series spirals of court cases, it may be too late.  But we at Galaxy Group want to see you succeed.  We want to see you operate in China without unnecessary legal battles.