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Company Formations

Generally, the process of setting up a business in Hong Kong begins with starting a company.  This involves registering a new name and following all the legal processes that are involved in incorporating a company.  Although this process usually gives you the highest levels of flexibility because you choose your name, it may take long.


The other option that you have when forming a company or starting a business is to buy an already existing company.  This process is generally more expensive, but the benefits that you get outweigh the cost. You can start without having to go through the tedious process of registering a company.  Such companies have mainly been existence only for the purpose of ultimately selling them.


How We Help You

Galaxy Group ensures that your process of setting up a business is as smooth and as easy as possible.  If you want to register a new business, we will be ready to assist you in guiding you how to appoint the first directors, searching for the name, and choosing the right address among other things. If on the other hand you want to purchase an already existing company we will be by your side to help you determine the best company that you can get at a price that you’ll be able to pay.


On the other hand, you may also decide that you want to set up a subsidiary company of your parent company, a branch, or simply a representative office.  Our staff of qualified consultants and experts will be by your side to show you the different benefits that will accrue if you choose one way over another.


We also offer expert services that are linked to the formation of companies in countries such as BVI, Seychelles, Samoa, Cayman Islands, and Marshall Islands. If you want to form such companies, then you probably want to benefit from the privacy and confidentiality that goes with operating offshore companies.  In such cases, will we be there to guide you on the best location to pick for your business.  We will also help you to overcome any legal obstacles that you may encounter when you’re trying to set up a company offshore.


Setting Up A Wholly Owned Foreign Entity In China

This is a unique organization that usually baffles new investors coming into mainland China.  Abbreviated as WOFE, this investment does not need any ownership by Chinese nationals.  They are mainly there to create products that will be exported to foreign countries.  For example, if you are an established business outside China, and you would like to make use of the benefits of the Chinese production environment then, you can invest in China for the sole purpose of exporting the products to another country.  Our team of experts will be there to assist you by taking you through the different types of WOFEs.


Regardless of where your company is from, or where you would like to invest, Galaxy Group is a partner who will never let you down; we will be there with you when it counts the most.