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Accounting and Taxation

Every organization that seeks to grow and avoid unnecessary legal hurdles must ensure that its accounting and taxation department are functioning at maximum levels of integrity, efficiency and effectiveness. At Galaxy Group, we work to ensure that regardless of your needs in this department you will come out satisfied and content.


Under this category we have a team of dedicated consultants who offer a variety of services that include the following:


Accounting and bookkeeping services: these services mainly deal with the day-to-day financial management issues of your business. Whether it comes to record keeping, preparation of financial statements or simply reconciliation of accounts, accounting and bookkeeping are critical to the overall success of the financial policy off your business. The scope of services offered under this sub-category include: treasury management, management accounting, and cost accounting.


The second category of activities that we deal with is auditing arrangement. Here, we simply come to assess your books and your financial records to see whether they comply with the statutory and industry guidelines. We go through documents such as the profit and loss account, your balance sheets and your cash flow statements to make sure that your financial assets are being treated the way they should be. Apart from statutory auditing obligations, we also offer computerized accounting and stock taking services.


Taxation services: another sector that may determine how successful your business would be is how you handle your tax issues.  At Galaxy Group, we know the best way to account and manage your tax issues, is not only to ensure the stability of your business but also that you comply and pay only the required tax without paying an extra dime. Services included in this area are personal and corporate tax planning, the filing of tax returns, and the development and implementation of a tax strategy.


There are so many services and sectors that are specialized and which need a specialist to handle. Regardless of your tax needs; whether you need some help on custom tax or value added tax, we are here for you. We constantly train our staff to aim higher and to develop a system that not only seeks to maintain the world best practices but also to set them.