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Our Partners

Strategic Service Providers

Lion Trust

Lion Trust is a key partner of the Galaxy Group. They offer expert trustee services that are world class in nature and which fully comply with the laws of the land. Through the vast experience of this company, we are able to manage your money with confidence, knowing that you will always come out as the winner.

China Key

China Key is one of the few fully-licensed payroll services providers in China. Their passion for excellence and their high standards of professionalism have caused them to be ranked second to none when it comes to payroll issues. This is what made us choose them as our partners in serving you.

Our Alliances

Pagus World

Pagus is a technology partner of the Galaxy Group. They offer, a fully integrated web-based HR Software solution designed to help our clients to manage their workforce more effectively in one application.

Yellow Rock

Yellow Rock Group, LLC is a sophisticated business-consulting firm headquartered in the U.S. They assist U.S. businesses entering China and Chinese businesses entering the U.S to work problem-free in their new environments.

Our Business Partners

Our business partners are there to provide you with specialized solutions. We recognize that by ourselves, we are not able to give you everything that you need. However, these partners have the expert knowledge and experience in their areas of operation, making them ideal for tackling specific problems that may be facing your company.

Our Banking Partners

All our banking partners are stable institutions with a reputation for setting world banking standards. This ensures that that you not only have your money safely stored, but you also have a variety of products and options to choose from as you seek attain your financial goals.