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Our Expertise

Our goal is to ensure that you as our customer receive the highest quality of services. Whether big or small, we believe that you deserve the best from us – and we deliver.


At Galaxy Group, we employ world’s best practices regardless of the area of service. And one more thing – we don’t just employ best practices for its own sake, but we do so because we know that it will guarantee you greater chances of success and fewer headaches when it comes to meeting your statutory obligations.


Here are some areas of our expertise:


Company Formations (China, Hong Kong and offshore)

We help you form companies easily. Don’t stress yourself when you can rely on us; with us, there are no unpleasant surprises.


Company Maintenance (China expansion services)

After working in China and Honk Kong for years, we’ve seen companies grow and fall. We know why some companies start small and end big while others start big and crumble to pieces. We’re here to help you grow.


Accounting and Tax (Financial reporting audit & advisory)

Different accounting and financial practices may present to you a few challenges as you try to learn the ropes. But why must it be so?


Working Visa and Immigration

Do you find it difficult to bring your staff to China or Hong Kong? Are you overwhelmed by the red tape in looking for your staff’s working visas? These challenges are not insurmountable – we have dealt with them, and we’ll deal with them again.


Business Support

Focus on your core business while we support your business. We’ll help you grow and manage so that you can increase your company’s efficiency.


Payroll Administration

Our payroll administration services are well designed to help you overcome the challenges that are associated with managing HR.


Financial Advisory Services

Financial management, investment analysis, and currency trading are keys to the success of any international business that seeks to grow.


Market Entry Consulting

The biggest challenge that many people face when getting into a new market is to fail to understand what counts and what doesn’t.



Our services, including trademark registration, are handled by trademark experts and attorneys. We’ve done it for years, and we’ll be eager to do it with you.



Out sourcing is a difficult task that needs one to get it right the first time. Without doing this, someone is likely to mess up.