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About Us

Galaxy Group is a group of 80 consultants who have worked together since 1999 in Hong Kong and China. Defined by the richness of our expertise, we’ve been the partner to reply on when it came to assisting new businesses to set up shop here.


Our Mission:

To provide all our clients, in the most convenient way, with the highest levels of service in all areas that deal with company incorporation, business expansion and business support.


Our Vision:

To be the all-round partner of choice for businesses operating in China.


When problems arise it is always reassuring to know that there is someone who is behind you; someone who will stand by your side when you need them most. We believe that we are not only that friend, but we are also that guide who will go beyond empathizing with your situation and actually help you grow in the Chinese market. We will take your hand and lead you towards maturity and success.


Regardless of what you’re looking for; whether what you simply want advise in setting up a company, or you’re in dire need of financial advisory services, our team of world-class consultants is here for you.


Our numerous locations in Mainland China and Hong Kong guarantee that if you ever desire to expand our beyond your initial location, you will always have us wherever you are.


We invite you come and work with us as we work for a promising future.