What We Do

Our Payroll Solutions

Implementation MethodologyMonthly On-Going Cycle

Payroll Processing and Payroll Administration are the two main services that we offer. Payroll processing deals mainly with the basic services: We calculate your pay, pay the income tax, and handle the transfer of funds.

Payroll administration on the other hand is a little bit more extensive. In addition to payroll processing, it also entails:

  • Management of timesheets
  • Importing employee data from different systems into one payroll database
  • Verifying data for optimal accuracy
  • Processing of taxes, deductions, and allowances
  • Updating the system to ensure Terminations and transfers are promptly captured in the system
  • Processing of new employees

Regardless of what you’re looking for you will always find your best answers with us. From simple payroll processing to comprehensive packages that offer all the HR related services; we are here for you.

Our Benefits Administrations Solutions

Apart from Payroll Solutions, we at Galaxy also offer Benefits Administrations Solutions that are way above the industry standards. As the financial markets continue to grow, benefits administration has become even more complex than it was ten years ago. This means that businesses must hire top-quality experts to help them in managing employee benefits.

We at Galaxy guarantee that when you come to work with us we will provide you with expert solutions that will be budget friendly. Our focus will be on ensuring that you get the maximum value for your money.